CV 101CV 101 CV 101

This vest is designed for protection of Police and Special Forces.It features a modular concept which means selective use of certain parts for enhanced protection. The vest consists of front and rear, detachable collar, detachable groin protector and detachable shoulder straps (according to customer's request). Modular components are attached to the main body of the vest with Velcro straps and zippers. The vest offers utmost protection of the user. On the front and the back side there are pockets for storing protective panels.

On the front, the back and the sides are mil. grade snaps which enables to carry bags or holsters. This method of attaching the holsters allows the user to adjust the vest to the needs in specific situations. The exterior of the vest is made of water resistant CORDURA® and high resistance to wear. The interior of the vest is made of a material that has 3D structure, which provides breathability of the body and absorb sweat. The vest provides level IIIA protection, combined with protective plates protection level III or level IV.

We offer it in 5 standard sizes.