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The history of using military vests PROTECTOR(r) clearly highlights his outstanding performance in terms of ballistic protection and tactical use of the vest. The latest modifications include special design which provides increased protection area in the shoulder and arms, neck and groin. This areas are often very vulnerable parts of the body's either from the effects of small arms ammunition or fragments from the effects of mino-explosive devices. The careful design of all components of the protective vests are integrated in a way that allows the user to the smooth conduct of its mission and various activities that make up the mission, thereby giving him/her the highest level of protection. Outside of the vest is made of coated CORDURA(r) to ensure waterproofing. Outer material provides the camouflage of the IR part of the electromagnetic spectrum (750 - 1000nm).

The interior of the vest is made of 3D material, which has the ability to absorb the sweat. PROTECTOR(r) vest is designed as a modular concept that can be used in several ways, depending on which body parts we want to protect. Basis of the vests are front and back protective panel. As such, they provide full protection of the chest and back of the body's from the effects of 9 mm bullets and the effects of fragments that result from different explosions.