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In order to protect the users from the effects of rifle bullets, the front and back of the vest are pockets for inserts or hard protective plates. Standard dimensions of these pockets are designed according to the most common sizes panel 25cm x 30 cm, but it is possible to adapt them to other forms, such as SAPI, E-SAPI and the like. The most practical use of protective plates with the vest is the safety level III, III +, IV and other special levels related to the protection of heavier infantry weapons. PROTECTOR(r) vest is a modern design that features an integrated MOLLE system. MOLLE system allows you to carry equipment as needed by the user by making it in such a way complementary to other equipment such as backpack, helmet, weapon, etc..

Vest is adjustable in length (the shoulder area) and volume (the hips). Collar is an essential part of the vest and has an important role protecting very sensitive part of the body from fragments. Collar using Velcro strips attached to the vest can be adjusted according to the needs of users (more or less open from the front). Groin protector is also modular. It is attached to the vest with zipper and Velcro. This part provides protection of the groin protector and the collar:

- level IIIA NIJ01010.04 and

- the effects of fragment V50 = 500m / s, STANAG 2920

Protection of the shoulder area is the addition that significantly enhances the surface to protect users to secure protection level IIIA, according NIJO101.04 but also from the effects of fragments. In this way the upper hand is fully protected. The total area of protection of the vest is 0.58 m2. The vest has a system for fast release, simply pulling the ribbon on the front right side of the vest, the user separates the vest in the left shoulder and left side part. This way the user can release the vest in one go. PROTECTOR(r) vest is made in black and green camouflage pattern, but also we offer it five standard sizes..