VIP Helicopter Mi 8

MI 26MI 26MI 26

  1. Galley / Буфет
  2. Partition with folding door / Перегородка со складной дверью
  3. Monitor 19” / Монитор 19’
  4. High-comfort armchair / Кресло повышенной комфортности
  5. Folding table / Стол раскладной
  6. Headsets with noise reducing capacity / Наушники с системой шумоподавления
  7. Double armchair / Двухместное кресло
  8. Table / Стол
  9. Wardrobe / Гардероб
  10. Lavatory / Туалет
  11. Flight attendant seat / Место бортпроводник


Engines: TV3-117VM ser.02, production of "Motor SICH"

Helicopter new production. Produced in 2014. Model MI-8AMT

The Contract will indicate that the flying time of the helicopter should be no more than 150 hours. The resource of the helicopter is 18 000 hours (or 30 years and 100 hours). Thus, the ratio of 97 hours of operation of the helicopter (this is actually the time spent on flight and technical tests) and 18,000 hours of Resource will amount to 0.54% or 0,005388 part of the Resource.

The number of helicopter landings does not matter and is not taken into account.

Delivery of the helicopter under the Contract will amount to no more than 1 month after the payment (the time necessary for paperwork and preparation for transportation).