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Operation unit is designed to perform surgical procedures in one operation field in a field conditions.

Operation unit consists of field hospital facility or mobile operation complex.

Composition of operation unit:

   - operation theatre with one operation field in two ISO lC containers laterally connected;

   - preparation of operation theatre medical staff in ISO 1C container;

   - preparation of operation theatre patients in ISO 1C container;

Operational climatic conditions:

Operational outside temperature range

 from -32 oC to + 49 oC

Storage outside temperature range

 from -33 oC to + 70 oC

Relative air humidity

up to 99 % at +30 oC ambient temperature (storage and transport)

Resistance against rain

up to 6 mm.min-1, coming from any direction at 30o

Operational resistance against dust

up to 1,0 g.m-3 measured at height of 0,5 m above the terrain

Resistance against steady winds

up to 22 m.s-1

Resistance against wind gusts

up to 34 ms-1

Resistance against mechanical damage caused by flying of dust and sand particles


Note: Operational climatic conditions may be limited depending on the operational climatic conditions of

used medical equipment.